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Organising a Kids’ Christmas Party

Christmas Events

Your work colleagues have generously selected you to organise the company Christmas party for kids of the employees. As you can’t think of an excuse on the spur of the moment, you accept this challenge.

But where do you start? And what do you need to organise?

Below we’ve listed most of the items you need to book and organise, with some handy links and tips.

How many people are coming to the Christmas Event? 

You need to get an estimate on this quickly as it dictates size of venue, food, presents etc. Write to all employees – email, intranet etc – getting them to indicate whether they are coming and what children they are bringing. Important to know the age and gender of children. Give them a deadline to confirm.

Booking a Venue

Usually this is held in a room within the workplace, but it can be a local hotel. Your numbers may dictate the venue.

Dressing the Room with Christmas Theme

You could hire an event company for this or simply buy Christmas room decorations yourself to save money.

Organise a Santa

Quite often, there’s someone in the company willing to play the part of Santa. All they need is the suit and you can buy a Santa Suit online very easily. Just make sure you don’t go too cheap with the suit, otherwise the kids will have no faith in the Santa.

Getting in Wrapped Christmas Presents

Ideally you don’t want to be going to a toy store, buying a heap of various toys and then wrapping yourself. Nightmare! Instead, you a company that specialise in pre-wrapped Christmas gifts that Santa can use. Ideally these toys should be marked with a label indicating what the present is and what it is for.

You should also ensure that you book a few additional presents that would suit kids of various ages and would appeal to a boy or a girl, because you don’t want to run short. You can always give leftover presents to a children’s charity.

Food and Drink

If you have a canteen in work, see if they will look after this for you. Otherwise, you will probably need a catering company.


Nice to have background Christmas music (it adds to festive theme), but be careful not to have too loud as people want to be able to talk to each other easily.


Unless you have an event company booked, look for volunteers in advance rather than on the day!

Enjoy and Happy Christmas!!

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2015 Wrapped Christmas Toys

2015 Wrapped Christmas Toys

Our 2015 Wrapped Santa Grotto Toys selection is now available to view online. We are offering a choice of 45 great wrapped presents this year. They will be available for delivery from mid-November, but we advise that you contact us as early as possible to reserve your favourite gifts. The most popular lines sell out early.

As usual, the wrapped Christmas toys come in Christmas themed paper / box with a label indicating the appropriate gender and age group – making everything nice and simple for Santa.

For more details, contact Brian on 086 8034393 or at