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Wrapped Santa Grotto Presents ready to order

Wrapped Santa Grotto Presents is one of the leading providers of wrapped Santa grotto presents. Our customers include Santa Grottos (our presents are pictured at The Santa Experience last year), event managers, charities, schools and businesses.

For Christmas 2017, we have a range of 40 different wrapped santa grotto presents. All these presents come wrapped in Christmas paper or a Christmas themed box. Each present is marked with the relevant gender and age group.

Orders can be taken now, while deliveries will take place in November / December at a date agreed. We’d advise ordering as early as possible to ensure the best selection of wrapped toys.



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Christmas Party Boxes are back in stock

Christmas Party Box

The kids are back in school and we’re now planning our new Christmas season.

Our Christmas Party Boxes were so popular last year, that we ran out of stock by the middle of November.

This year, we’ve got in twice the stock that we sold last year to meet the demand.

We’ve the best prices for Christmas Party Boxes in the market with further discounts for  bulk online sales.

The boxes will be in stock from September 11th, 2017.

The Christmas Party Boxes are suitable for Christmas food or gifts. The Christmas party boxes measure 14 x 10 x 14 cm (the standard and most popular size) come flat packed, pop open easily and are closed and sealed with the side tabs.

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New Easter Party Boxes

Easter Party Box

Give your Easter party the ‘wow factor’ this year with our Easter party gift / food boxes. The 14 x 10 x 14 cm Easter food/party boxes come flat packed, pop open easily and are closed and sealed with the side tabs.

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Perfect Wedding Activity Pack for Kids

Wedding fun pack and contents

Wedding Activity Pack

This Wedding activity pack is the perfect gift for kids attending your wedding.

Not only does it contain loads of fun puzzles, quizzes, jokes, colouring etc – all the activities are wedding related. So, it keeps the kids happy, active and excited about the wedding.

So, while the adults are wondering how long the speeches will last, you can be sure the kids won’t be bored.